NOTE: You only need electrical adaptors if you are bringing a GSM phone, a camera battery recharger or a laptop computer. These devices are normally already dual voltage so no converter is needed
You can also buy small hair dryers that have a small switch for changing voltages.

Information about the correct adaptors for France
Targus Mini International Travel Pack: This is available at Best Buy stores. 

  • Below is the adaptor that you will need for France. All sets includes it.

plug style "C"
  • For cameras that have rechargeable batteries you can usually use a generic set of adaptors. See TARGUS link above for a widely available set.
  • In the case of a GSM phone you probably received the correct adaptors with your phone. 
    • If not -- check with a local store for your service provider. They should have them available for purchase, although the generic ones should work also.
Just say NO
  • We do NOT recommend bringing any appliance that requires a converter. 
  • Converters are heavy and the appliance does not always run correctly even with a converter.